Father Luigi Villa Had a Papal Mandate to Investigate Masonic Infiltration of the Vatican

By Dr. Franco Adessa  Father Villa was informed by Padre Pio, during a visit, that he was chosen to investigate for Masonic spies in the Vatican. The young priest, amazed, said he couldn’t.  “You will go see Pope Pius XII” said Padre Pio. 

download 4.jpg   And so he did !  And this is was the message he received from Pope Pius XII Pro Secretary of State, Cardinal Domenico Aardini:

“Tell Monsignor Biambattista Bosio that I approve the assignment entrusted to Father Luigi Villa from Padre Pio .  I grant him a papal mandate.                                                                                                                    .download 5.jpg

First he must earn a degree in Dogmatic Theology and he must be entrusted to the Cardinals Alfredo Ottaviani, Pietro Palazzina and Pietro Parente. They will guide him.

In the history of the Church, this is the first time that such a task has been entrusted to a young priest.  And also tell him that it will be the last.”

The Papal Mandate was that Father Villa was to investigate the infiltration of Freemasonry in the Vatican hierarchy, and, obstruct their plans to destroy the Church from within … His life was a continuous white martyrdom from then on.

Father was the author of the book:  Paul VI beatified?  This book prevented the beatification of Paul VI because it proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that this Pope was not endowed with ‘heroic virtue’   However, as promised by his enemies, “We’ll beatify him after you die”

And they did.

And after that they made Pope Paul VI a Saint.

On November 18, 2012, Father Luigi Villa died.  His life was one long white martyrdom.  He was poisoned.  They tried to crash his automobile by following him.  They tried to shoot him.  God took care of him.

Author of:                  Pope Paul VI:  Beatified?                                                                                   Editor in Chief:        Chiesa Viva

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