Father Jerzy Popieluszko Martyr in Communist Ruled Poland

By Theresa Marie Moreau

Polish Roman Catholic Priest, Father Jerzy Popieluszko dared to align himself with the solidarity movement in communist ruled Poland.

As a result, he became a target of the Socialists and their theophobic ideology of death and destruction.

The Communist secret police plotted to kill him in a staged car accident on October 13, 1984, but he avoided it.

However, another plan was successful.

Three secret policemen pretended to have car problems on October 19, 1984.  They flagged down the Priest and grabbed him when he stopped.

Captain Grzegorz Piotrowski, Leszek Pekala and Waldemar Chmielewski beat the Priest, tied him up, tossed him into the trunk and then attached a stone to his feet.

They drove to the Vistula Water Reservoir and pushed him in.


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