Hitler Was A Socialist

By Theresa Marie Moreau

One weak argument pushed by the uneducated leftists is that he couldn’t have been a Socialist because he targeted Socialists.

Well, anyone who knows anything about Socialism knows that Socialists use the Power Struggle against enemies, including other Socialists.  This plays a major factor in their control and reign of power.

Examples:  Stalin targeted Trotsky;  Mao targeted Liu.  Etc.

Its important to note that in the concentration camps, each Socialist had to wear a red triangle badge to designate their Socialist status … alongside Communists and Social Democrats. Hitler had many other enemies  … Jewish people … Protestant Ministers … etc.

Everyone knows that extreme right wingers are pro life fanatics.

And why did Hitler target Catholics?  Because they were moral enemies.  The moral conscience of the masses!  Socialists had to “liquidate” such people so that the Socialists could control the thinking of the masses.

So, it is no surprise that there was a Priest Baracks in Dachau Concentration Camp from 1945 until liberation in 1949

In Dachau, an extermination camp in the south of Germany, the Polish people made up the largest ethnic group in the Concentration camp and the largest proportion of those prisoners are in the Priest Barrack, mostly Block 28.  This is not surprising because Poland was 87.3% Catholic prior to the Second World War, as noted in the 1934 edition of the World Almanac and Book of Facts reporting on the Dec. 9, 1931 census.

The clergy of Poland stood firm, despite the tortures, in their faith and remained loyal to Christ and to Church and to Pope.

The above photo shows Priests lined up in Dachau, with their triangle badges designating their status.