China: Mindong Bishop Kidnapped By Police Last Night 3/26/2018   Drawn from the news report of:  John Baptist Lin

Mindong (Asia News)  Monsignor Vincent Guo Xijin, Bishop of Mindong (Fujian), was kidnapped last night by Police.

The Chancellor of the Diocese, Father Xu, was also taken away.

Monsignor Guo, 59, is the ordinary Bishop of the Diocese, recognized by the Vatican, but not by the government.  In recent months he had been approached by Vatican diplomat Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, who had asked him to step aside and allow the seat of the Diocese to be occupied by excommunicated Bishop Monsignor Vincent Zhan Silu, who is recognized by the government.

In return for Msgr. Guos’s stepping down, and, allowing his flock to be governed by an ‘apostate,’ the official atheistic government would have bestowed upon him the title of auxiliary Bishop, and, he himself would also then be governed by an ‘apostate’

Monsignor Guo has remained faithful to his Ordination as a Roman Catholic Priest, an ambassador of Christ on earth, and for this he must suffer imprisonment, with a high chance of further punishment … as is consistent with the treatment given by the atheistic Communist Government to Catholics.

Pope Francis has already spoken on the matter, giving his consent to the removal of the true Bishop and the replacement by an apostate.  He has come to agreement with the Communist Dictator Xi Jinping.

Yesterday at 3PM local time, Msgr. Guo was called to the Office for Religious Affairs, the department which oversees all religious affairs in China.  Here he was held for a two hour meeting.  The content of the meeting is not known.

However, it can be assumed that Monsignor Guo refused the offer again, of working under an apostate, and, made know to his captors that he planned to say his Easter Mass, for at 7 PM he was allowed to pick up some luggage, and at 10PM he was taken away.

He had already disappeared in police custody last year, just before the Easter holidays, only to reappear 20 days later.

According to some of the faithful who spoke, the Bishop was kidnapped after refusing to concelebrate during these Easter holidays with illegitimate apostate Bishop Zhan Silu.



Please pray for Monsignor Vincent Guo Xijindownload 21.jpgand Father Xu, Chancellor who also was arrested

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle is the Hand That Rules The World

By William Ross Wallace (1819-1881   Courtesty Jacinta Boudreau  WP:  The Faithful Pew


Blessings on the hand of women!

Angels guard its strength and grace.

In the palace, cottage, hovel,

Oh, no matter where the place;


Would that storms never assailed it,

Rainbows ever gently curled

For the hand that rocks the cradle

Is the hand that rules the world.


Infancy’s the tender fountain,

Power may with beauty flow,

Mothers first to guide the streamlets

From them souls unresting grow –


Grow on for the good or evil,

Sunshine streamed or evil hurled

For the hand that rocks the cradle

Is the hand that rules the world.


Woman, how divine your mission,

Here upon our natal sod;

Keep – oh, keep the young heart open

Always to the breath of God!


All true trophies of the ages

Are from mother love impearled

For the hand that rocks the cradle

Is the hand that rules the world.


Blessings on the hand of women!

Fathers, sons, and daughters cry.

And the sacred song is mingled

With the worship in the sky.


Mingles where no tempest darkens,

Rainbows evermore are hurled;

For the hand that rocks the cradle

Is the hand that rules the world.





Father Luigi Villa Had a Papal Mandate to Investigate Masonic Infiltration of the Vatican

By Dr. Franco Adessa  Father Villa was informed by Padre Pio, during a visit, that he was chosen to investigate for Masonic spies in the Vatican. The young priest, amazed, said he couldn’t.  “You will go see Pope Pius XII” said Padre Pio. 

download 4.jpg   And so he did !  And this is was the message he received from Pope Pius XII Pro Secretary of State, Cardinal Domenico Aardini:

“Tell Monsignor Biambattista Bosio that I approve the assignment entrusted to Father Luigi Villa from Padre Pio .  I grant him a papal mandate.                                                                                                                    .download 5.jpg

First he must earn a degree in Dogmatic Theology and he must be entrusted to the Cardinals Alfredo Ottaviani, Pietro Palazzina and Pietro Parente. They will guide him.

In the history of the Church, this is the first time that such a task has been entrusted to a young priest.  And also tell him that it will be the last.”

The Papal Mandate was that Father Villa was to investigate the infiltration of Freemasonry in the Vatican hierarchy, and, obstruct their plans to destroy the Church from within … His life was a continuous white martyrdom from then on.

Father was the author of the book:  Paul VI beatified?  This book prevented the beatification of Paul VI because it proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that this Pope was not endowed with ‘heroic virtue’   However, as promised by his enemies, “We’ll beatify him after you die”

And they did.

And after that they made Pope Paul VI a Saint.

On November 18, 2012, Father Luigi Villa died.  His life was one long white martyrdom.  He was poisoned.  They tried to crash his automobile by following him.  They tried to shoot him.  God took care of him.

Author of:                  Pope Paul VI:  Beatified?                                                                                   Editor in Chief:        Chiesa Viva

More information:                                                                                                                        



Father Jerzy Popieluszko Martyr in Communist Ruled Poland

By Theresa Marie Moreau

Polish Roman Catholic Priest, Father Jerzy Popieluszko dared to align himself with the solidarity movement in communist ruled Poland.

As a result, he became a target of the Socialists and their theophobic ideology of death and destruction.

The Communist secret police plotted to kill him in a staged car accident on October 13, 1984, but he avoided it.

However, another plan was successful.

Three secret policemen pretended to have car problems on October 19, 1984.  They flagged down the Priest and grabbed him when he stopped.

Captain Grzegorz Piotrowski, Leszek Pekala and Waldemar Chmielewski beat the Priest, tied him up, tossed him into the trunk and then attached a stone to his feet.

They drove to the Vistula Water Reservoir and pushed him in.


Hitler Was A Socialist

By Theresa Marie Moreau

One weak argument pushed by the uneducated leftists is that he couldn’t have been a Socialist because he targeted Socialists.

Well, anyone who knows anything about Socialism knows that Socialists use the Power Struggle against enemies, including other Socialists.  This plays a major factor in their control and reign of power.

Examples:  Stalin targeted Trotsky;  Mao targeted Liu.  Etc.

Its important to note that in the concentration camps, each Socialist had to wear a red triangle badge to designate their Socialist status … alongside Communists and Social Democrats. Hitler had many other enemies  … Jewish people … Protestant Ministers … etc.

Everyone knows that extreme right wingers are pro life fanatics.

And why did Hitler target Catholics?  Because they were moral enemies.  The moral conscience of the masses!  Socialists had to “liquidate” such people so that the Socialists could control the thinking of the masses.

So, it is no surprise that there was a Priest Baracks in Dachau Concentration Camp from 1945 until liberation in 1949

In Dachau, an extermination camp in the south of Germany, the Polish people made up the largest ethnic group in the Concentration camp and the largest proportion of those prisoners are in the Priest Barrack, mostly Block 28.  This is not surprising because Poland was 87.3% Catholic prior to the Second World War, as noted in the 1934 edition of the World Almanac and Book of Facts reporting on the Dec. 9, 1931 census.

The clergy of Poland stood firm, despite the tortures, in their faith and remained loyal to Christ and to Church and to Pope.

The above photo shows Priests lined up in Dachau, with their triangle badges designating their status.



Pope Paul VI To Be Canonized???(Canonizing Conciliar Confusion !)

By John Vennari

In 1980, while still new to the Traditionalist Movement, I heard an interview by Michael Davies on Vatican II.  Speaking of Paul VI, Davies said he considered him to be the worst Pope  in Church history.

“If you look at the state of the Church when he took over (1963), and then look at the state of the Church when he died (1978),” said Davies, there has never been such a wholesale devestation of the Church in so short a time period.  It all took place on his watch and was due to his revolutionary Conciliar policies.

The destruction of the Mass by means of implementing the Novus Ordo Missae is the most far reaching act of Paul VI’s papacy.  It affected the Catholic in his primary connection to the Church.  Sunday Mass.  Paul VI insisted on foisting a new liturgy upon the Church that was built on a Protestant model.

Journalist Jean Guitton, a close friend and confident of Pope Paul VI, confirmed that it was the aim of the Pope to protestantize the liturgy.

In a radio interview in the 1990’s, Guitton said:  “The intention of Paul VI with regard to what is commonly called the Mass, was to reform the Catholic liturgy in such a way that it should almost coincide with the Protestant liturgy 0 but what is curious is that Paul VI did that to get as close as possible to the Protestant Lord’s Supper… there was with Paul VI an ecumenical intention to remove, or at least to correct, or at least to relax, what was too Catholic, in the traditional sense, and, I repeat, to get the Catholic Mass closer to the Calvinist Mass”  (Michael McGrade, Redemptionis Sacramentum, DOA, Christian Order, Aug./Sept 2004)

It was Paul VI who championed the entire new program of the Council, especially its novel policy of ecumenism that no longer seeks conversion of non-Catholics.  Vatican II’s Decree on Ecumenism warmed the heart of Protestants, Lutheran Observer Robert McAffee Brown, a minister who favored divorce and birth control, celebrated the new orientation.

In his 1967 book. The Ecumenical Revolution, McAffee Brown applauds the Council’s Decree on Ecumenism.  “The document makes clear. No more is there talk of schismatics and heretics’ but rather of ‘separated brethren.’  No more is there an imperial demand that the dissidents return in penitence to the Church who has no need of penitence:  Instead there is recognition that both sides are guilty of the sins of division and must reach out penitentially to one another.

No more are Protestants dismissed merely as ‘sects’ or psychological entities alone;  instead it is ackowledged that there is a measure of ‘ecclesial reality’ to be found within their corporate life.”(The Ecumenical Revolution, 2nd ed. Robert McAffee Brown  ((Garden City Doubleday, 1969))  pp 67-8

Worse, the two central papal documents of the early 20th century on Ecumenism, Pope Pius XI 1926 Moritalium Animos and Pope Pius XII’s Instruction on the Ecumenical Movement, were neither mentioned nor footnoted in the Council’s Decree on Ecumenism.  Paul VI’s Council pretended these texts did not exist.

These two papal documents state that the only true unity of Christians can be accomplished by the return of non Catholics to the one true Church.  This Catholic principle, founded on the words of Christ Himself was at odds with Pope Paul’s Council.

Dr. George May noted the grave consequences of Vatican II’s ecumenical approach.

“Following this particular cherished “fruit” of the Council, (ecumenism) a revaluation’ of Protestantism go underway everywhere among Catholics, and certain lucid Protestants could not hide their surprise.” notes Dr. May.  “The Council had prepared the astonishing rehabilitation of Protestantism insofar as it described with great partiality, the religious communities resulting from the Reformation.  Only the positive aspects were noticed.  The immense evil that Protestantism brought upon the world and the aggressiveness against the Roman Catholic Church that even today it manifests everywhere where its affairs are not supported by the Catholic Church …all that was omitted.  The Church will have to pay for this error of the Conciliar Fathers.” (A Layman’s Guide to Vatican II, Arnaud de Lassus  ((Winona: STAS Editions 2012)) p. 24

Indeed, a Benedictine monk said to Jean Madiran that thanks to Vatican II we have passed from theocentrism (God-centeredness) to anthropocentrism (man centeredness)     ibid p. 28

As we recall the disastrous effects of the Council;  as we remember the years 1963 to 1978, with ifs collapse of dogmatic and moral theology, the upheaval in Catholic schools, seminaries and religious orders, the breakdown of Church discipline, the scorn for scholastic philosophy, the persecution of traditional Catholics, the worldwide confusion, the mass defection of Catholics and the appointment of countless revolutionary Bishops, we gasp with disbelief at the latest news from Pope Benedict’s Vatican.

Theologians, Cardinals, and, Bishops of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints have given the go ahead for Paul VI’s beatification.

Andre Tornielli writes in the December 14 Vatican Insider, ‘The late Pope’s Positio – the collection of documents used in the process by which a person is declared a Saint – was approved unanimously by all present.  All Bishops and Cardinals expressed themselves in favor of the heroic virtues of Giovanni Battista Montini, elected Pope with the name Paul VI in 1963 and deceased in 1978.  Theologians who voted separately also voted unanimously in favor.

Tornielli concludes:  “The Pope (Benedict XVI) intends to proceed as quickly as possible.  The beatification is expected by the end of the Year of Faith.  2913 marks the 50th anniversary of Montini’s election as Pope and the 35th anniversary of his death.” Cardinals Vote Uninamously in Favor of Paul VI’s canonization”  Andrea Tornielli, Vatican Insider, December 14, 2013.

The proposed beatification of Paul VI is nothing more than the triumph of wayward sentiment.  Again we see Catholic terms stripped of their meaning.  A beatification or canonization, once a sure sign of the heroic virtue of the person canonized is now degenerated to the level of the Academy Awards … in the calse of both Paul Vi and John Paul II.  It is a special achievement medal bestowed by revolutionary prelates on leaders who advance modernist causes.

Pope Benedict XVI, a life-long Vatican II progressive to this day, has show himself first and foremost a disciple of the New Theology by agreeing to beatify its’ star icons.

The beatification of Paul VI and John Paul II also serve another purpose.  It is a means of canonizing Vatican II and the conciliar revolution.  The new program of Vatican II cannot withstand genuine Catholic scrutiny.  It is a rupture with the past;  it finds no support in scripture, Tradition or reason.

The Conciliar revolution thus must be imposed by intimidation;  not an intimidation at gunpoint, but an intimidation that overwhelms Catholics by proclaiming the alleged saintliness of its most determined innovators.  ‘Blessed’ John XXIII,  ‘Venerable’ Paul VI,  ‘Blessed’ John Paul II’  … new saints for the new religion.  All are elevated to their exalted status by a new canonization process that dispenses with the devil’s advocate, and no long insures the miraculous beyond all natural explanation.

The new conciliar program reveals its propagators as churchmen who public betrayed their oath against Modernism, solemnly sworn to God on the night before their ordination.

Joseph Clifford Fenton warned in 1960 that the man who took the Oath Against Modernism, and who then promoted Modernism himself, or allowed it to be promoted, “would mark himself not only as a sinner against the Catholic Faith but also as a common perjurer.  The Sacrorum Antistitum and the Background of the Oath Against Modernism by Joseph Clifford Fenton, American Ecclesiastical Review, October, 1960  p. 259

The diabolic disorientation continues full gallop.  While we heed the Message of Fatima to “pray a great deal for the Holy Father” we also urge Catholics to resist the latest attempt to canonize conciliar confusion.






Monsignor Montini (future Pope Paul Vl (Canonized Saint Now) Dismissed As Sec. of State by Pope Pius XII: Evidence Presented Here of His Cooperating with Communists. This Surely Undermines the Efforts of Those of our Day Struggling to Speak Truth as Commie Lies enfold the Minds of Church and State! But He was not Alone ! Woe ! Woe Woe! on the City of God and All His Creations!

About Vatican Relations With the Soviets

On November 1, 1954, Pope Pius XII removed Monsignor Montini as the Secretary of State.


It was 1954, and illness and old age were already exacting their toll on Pius XII. He had conducted a spy network throughout Germany during WWII with the ultimate hope of elimininating Hitler.  His help consisted of many:   Nazi Officers, who were against Hitler, and Lawyers of the same view, along with cooperating Priests and Bishops.  (See ‘Church of Spies’ by Mark Riebling)

“Colonel Arnauld, of the French Deuxieme Bureau, the Brigadier General for the Intelligence Service,  was to become  Pius XII’s ‘James Bond.’   He was a career officer then, but above all a man of strict morals and a practicing Catholic.

At the end of the war, he left the British and resumed his post within the ranks of the French Secret Service.  It was then, shortly after the armistice, that the ‘Quai d’ Orsay’ (French Foreign Ministry) entrusted him with a mission to Pope Pius XII to ask him to expel from their diocese twenty two French Bishops, whom Charles De Gaulle’s government held responsible for having favored Marshal Petain’s regime.  Upon giving Pius XII the request of his government.  He was received by the Pope “very coldly.”

Pius XII asked him, for he wanted to know,  “the personal judgment of the Ambassador, of the Catholic officer whose sister is Mother Superior of a Convent in Rome” This was apparently a test for the Colonel, in order to give him a wiser view upon the request he was making of the Pope of removing Bishops without full knowledge of their ‘crimes’.

The Colonel bade for time in order to study the dossier of the twenty two Bishops.

When he returned to Rome, he manifested his judgment on the case.  Pius XII concurred with his judgment and had only two Bishops removed from France … refusing to “punish the others.”

Shortly after, Colonel Arnauld resigned from the Deuxienne Bureau.  Pius XII, upon hearing word of it, summoned him to Rome and asked him to become his personal agent, answering only to him, because … he said … “A diplomat must stick to some rules and be very prudent;  unlike an agent.”

The Colonel took  on the offer, and, took an oath to the Pontiff.  He then set off on his new mission.

During a tour in the East, he entered into a relationship with the Lutheran Bishop of Uppsala, Primate of Sweden, whom, holding Pius in great esteem, did not hesitate to lend him precious services … such as helping out members of the  Clergy held in detention, and the stealthy introduction of Bibles into Russia, etc.

In the course of one of these meetings (toward the summer of 1954), the Archbishop of Uppsala suddenly said to the Colonel:

“The Swedish authorities are perfectly aware of the Vatican’s relations with the Soviets.”

The Colonel promptly decided to question Pius XII once he returned from his mission. Once back in Italy he questioned the Holy Father, who was quite astounded by this statement.  He asked the Colonel to tell Monsignor Brilioth that the Vatican had no relations with the Soviets.

But when Colonel Arnauld returned to Sweden, the Archbishop of Uppsala reitered to him what he had said before, begging him to get back to him as soon as he completed his new mission.

The Colonel accepted and went to see the Archbishop,.

Monsignor Brilioth then handed him a sealed envelope, addressed to Pius XII.  He begged him to put it directly into the hands of the Pope ensuring that no one else in the Vatican knew about it.

All that Monsignor Brilioth told the Colonel was “This envelope contains the EVIDENCE of the relations the Vatican has with the Soviets.

Once in Rome, the Colonel handed the envelope over to Pius XII, who read it in his presence, as the color drained from his face.

In brief:  the last official text was signed by the Pro-Secretary of State, Monsignor Montini, bearing the date of September 23, 1954.

On November 1, 1954, Pius XII removed Monsignor Montini as the Secretary of State.

From other information it was learned that in the disastrous fall of 1954 (in China), Pius XII  discovered that his pro-Secretary of State Montini “had kept from him all communications relating to the schism of the Chinese Bishops. (CRC, 97, October 1975, p.12)

The case of the Chinese Bishops was growing worse.

Now, the fact that Monsignor Montini had been removed as Secretary of State since he had fallen into disgrace with Pius XII (whom he betrayed), was also admitted by Jean Guitton in his book:  ‘Paul VI Secret’ wherein he writes:  “No on ever knew, nor will ever know why Pius XII, having made him Archbishop of Milan, had not made him a Cardinal … which took away from him the possibility of becoming Pope.  (Pontifical Documents,;   1954;  p. 407-417

Sure, Jean Guitton had no knowledge of the “betrayal” of his friend, that is, of that ‘Ostopolitic’ which, as Colonel Arnaud said:  “Montini had already a policy of his own, which was not that of the reigning Pope.  That policy, today, is official, and goes by the name of ‘Vatican Ostopolitic’.

And it is truly so!  That is why we talk about it here, as well as for the reason that I could personally verify the truth of Pius XII’s heavy action toward his closest collaborator, through a personal meeting with General G. Leconte, of the French Secret Services.

I was introduced to him by another agent of the Secret Services, Officer Masmay, whose guest I was, at his home many times.  Now, the General spoke to me, at first, of many things relating to the present day Church, as, for example that the father of Cardinal Danieleu was a Freemason of the Grand Orient, and that when he became Minister of National Education, it was he who imposed the secularization of the schools.

To my query if also Cardinal Danieleu was a Freemason, he replied:  “That same question I asked of a friend of mine and he hung up on the phone

He then went on to inform me about many other high Prelates and some Jesuits, who were Freemasons;  primarily, of Freemason Cardinal Villot (French Secret Service had already informed me of this) He told me that Villot’s parents were both Freemasons of the Rosecrucians.  And he told me of an episode, recounted to him by the very Officer subject of the fact.After more confidences on persons of the Catholic Hierarchy and other Jesuits, he suddenly asked me this question:  ‘Do you believe that Montini is a Freemason too?  And without waiting for me to answer, he handed me a book of Carlo Falconi  ‘Vue et Entendu au Concille’  (Seen and Heard at the Council) published before Montini became Pope, and showed me a ‘passage’ of the book on page 69, on which it is said that ‘big 33 of Freemasonry assured that even Montini ‘serat inscrit dans un Loge maconnique (Would be included in a Masonic Lodge) 

At last, he recounted to me the story of the removal of Monsignor Montini as Secretary of State by Pius XII, as he was really working for Russia, unbeknownst to the Pope, and, therefore, in betrayal of him.

It is a fact that Montini, while Pius XII was still living, never set a foot in the Vatican.”

Paul VI:  Beatified?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Father Luigi Villa Th.D.


Father Luigi Villa was commissioned by Padre Pio to be an investigator of Freemasonry within the ranks of the Vatican Hierarchy.  He could not believe his ears when he was told this by the Sainted Priest.  He went to Pope Pius XII, who agreed with Padre Pio … much to the astonishment of Father Villa.  Pope Pius XII told him he must get his degree in Theology and that Cardinals Ottaviani, Parente, and, Pelazinni would be his ‘guardian angels’ throughout … which they were.

The story of Father Luigi Villa is told in full on:











Communist Concentration Camps Albania 1951: A CIA Document

“In addition to 18 prisons, there are 12 known concentration camps in Albania, located in Tepelete, Beden Maliz, Berat, Vrma Suti, Tropoje, Krule, Villjas, (Vile?  Vilash?), Shkoder, Himare, Korce, and Isul.

There are 3,600 internees in the Telelene camp, which was established in the beginning of 1949 and is the oldest and largest in Albania, and 2,000 in the Beden camp in Kavaje.  About 70 percent of the internees in Telelene are women and children.  The highest death rate is among the children.  The following (Xherxhe?) from Koplik, the small child of Zef Mirasa from Bajze, the year old son of Fran Hasa from Bajze, two children of Prenash Djerdje (Xherzhe?) from Ljohe, and the three children of Djuste )Xhuste?) Gora, who were 10 years, years, and 6 months old.

The camp commandant is Lt. Dzafar (Xhafar?) Pegaci.  He is an ignorant villain and tyrant who has forcibly raped young and pretty women who have refused to become intimate with him.  He loves to see children  die.

The internees in the Tepelene camp sleep in four rows of double deck wooden beds.  Families are not separated.  The building has no garret (no insulation between the ceiling and roof?)  The camp provides a wooden bed and a small piece of soap monthly.  The daily food consists of tea for breakfast and warm broth and 650 grams of bread for lunch and dinner.  No bedding of any kind, clothing, footwear, or other food is furnished.  Nothing additional is given to even the youngest children.

The camp is infested with vermin.  An excessive number of internees are ill because of poor food, filth, vermin, hard physical labor;  tuberculosis is a very widespread disease.  Many die because of illness; most deaths are among children and adult males;  The children die because of low resistance to disease and adult males because of exhaustion from hard physical labor. 29133302_224823081399317_8223875134952308736_n.jpg  The camp does not have a regular doctor.  One doctor makes visits irregularly.  Only those who are at the point of death are sent to the hospital in Gjinokaster.  There is no emergency medical service.  More than 50 persons died in the first half of 1951.

Both males and females in the camp work without pay throughout the years, in all kinds of weather even on Sundays.  They work on the railroad at Elbasan and on constructing the railroad in Vlore.  They cut wood in the mountains near Tepelene and do various construction jobs in the camp itself.  Work quotas are set.  In forestry, the quota calls for the cutting and stacking of cubic meter of wood (per word day?).  A man’s job is finished only when his quota is fulfilled, which means that the weak must work longer hours including at night.

29177570_224823148065977_6327568162334179328_n.jpgThe Albanian concentration camps in Isul, on the Fort’s Palermos peninsula and Cepi Panarmos are old Turkish fortresses with very thick walls and small windows.  The interiors, including the floors, are of stone.

In the semidarkness of the Isul fortress, internees are exposed to the elements  (walls are rain soaked and constantly damp). and many become sick, especially with eye trouble.  Work lasts from 12 to 16 hours, and the guards carry whips.

The internees There is considerable sickness in the Beden camp, located in a swamp in Kavaje.  Tuberculosis is the most prevalent disease.  The camp commandant has established special tuberculosis brigades of 80 men each, who are forced to work, although many of them frequently die while at work.  Iso Metot from Shkoder died in this manner.  This is all part of a deliberate plan, as was shown in a lecture given by the camp commandant.  He said internees were in the camp as enemies of the government and must die there.

Slightly more than two years ago, Jak marko, a policeman, killed Zef Kolj Prencija, president of the youth organization for the  Burbullush region.  The following day, Metus Bogo, a state security officer from Shkoder, praised the killer at a People’s Meeting.

The reason given for the killing was the victim’s sympathy towards Yugoslavia.

The authorities also killed Sokula Bajrama, member of the Albanian Communist Party, for saying at a party meeting that all of the clamor against Yugoslavia was untrue.

A 12 minute documentary from former prisoners can be viewed on You Tube:





Go Ye Virgin Band of Priests

Photo:  Underground Chinese Priest 1990:  He denied himself and took up his cross ….

To be a chaste Priest is likened to standing on the vault of heaven!

Chastity requires strong generous natures in a priest.   It is like pole vaulting over the stream of earthly pleasures, directing the chariot of the soul upwards from the earth, not turning aside the aim, and, then acquiring swiftness of thought which makes one lightly bound above the world, taking his stand upon the vault of heaven.

Chastity alone accomplishes this.  It brings it about that the souls should be governed in the noblest and better way.  It sets the soul free and pure from the stains and pollutions of the world.

When Christ became incarnate, and armed and adorned His flesh with virginity, the savage tyrant of incontinence was taken away, and peace and faith began to have dominion.  Men learned to abandon intermarriage with their sisters, and having many wives.  They learned that they were not brute beasts.

Without priests, the alter Christ for mankind,  whose souls are luminous with chastity and who knew that they were ordained priests with the bright shining character of the Cross forever embedded in their soul when the oil of Ordination was fresh upon them, the world will be populated again with brute beasts as it was before Christ was born.

We are almost there now as uniformed men in black roam the earth.  Men, women, and children live trembling with fear of them who have erased the light of sanctifying grace within them.

If they ever had learned about it once upon a time!!

“In heaven there is no marriage”  Therefore the happiness there exceeds a happiness unknown to mankind.

Go ye therefore, a new band of virgin priests for the present age!  Teach us about the jewel of chastity.

Go, lightly leaving aside the fascinations and pleasures of life which confuse and bewitch the souls today …

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me” Matthew 16:24


Drawn from The Writings of Saint Methodius:  The Banquet of the Ten Virgins, or Concerning Chastity.   Work translated by Father William R. Clark, M.A.  Vicar of St. Mary Magdelen Taunton   mb-soft-com/believe/txua//methodiu.htm

DW6xufdU8AAJwI0.jpg  Chinese Underground Priest in early 1990.  He denied himself and took up his cross.

Haerent Animo: Excerpt on Priestly Chastity by Pope Pius X

“May chastity, the choicest ornament of our priesthood, flourish undimmed amongst you!

Through the splendor of this virtue, by which the priest is made like the angels, the priest wins greater veneration among the Christian flock, and, his ministry yields an even greater harvest of holiness.

Meditation in the life of the priest has a value.  The priest who underestimates the value of meditation, or has lost all taste for it, provides a sad confirmation of what we say:

Let your eyes dwell on the spectacle of men in whom the mind of Christ, that supremely precious gift, has grown weak.  Their thoughts are all on earthly things,  they are engaged in vain pursuits, their words are so much unimportant chatter and  in the performance of their sacred functions they are careless, cold, perhaps even unworthy.

Formerly these men, with the oil of priestly ordination still fresh upon them, diligently prepared themselves for the recitation of the Psalms, lest they should be like men who tempt God.   They sought a time and place free from disturbance.

They endeavored to grasp the Divine meaning.

In union with the Psalmist they poured forth their soul in songs of praise, sorrow and rejoicing.

But now!  What a change has taken place.

It is not irrelevant to note here that which Leo XIII in his wisdom made special mention of.  That is the virtue of abstinence, which we call self-denial, in the words of the Gospel.

He was quite right to do so, for it is from self denial chiefly that the strength and power and fruit of every priestly function derive;  it is when this virtue is neglected that there appears in the priest’s conduct whatever may be of a nature to cause offense to the eyes and hearts of the faithful.

If one acts for filthy lucre, or becomes involved in worldly affairs, or seeks for the highest places and despises others, or follows merely human counsel, or seeks to please men, or trusts in the persuasive words of human wisdom …..

This is the result of neglect of the command of Christ and of the refusal to accept the condition laid down by Him:

“If anyone will come after me, let him deny himself”


Excerpt from ‘Haurent Animo   Pope Pius X