Where is Chinese Catholic Bishop Su?

Bishop Zhimin “James” Su has not been seen since 1997 when he was abducted by Chinese Secret Police

Bishop Su was hunted down, and, disappeared forever in 1997

Bishop Su, like other faithful Catholics, was considered counter revolutionary, an enemy of the atheistic state.


Because he always refused the demands of the revolutionary communist regime to join the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, the always schismatic Catholic Church, led by the communist regime … always separate from Rome.

In 1994 when he was 60 years old, bishop Su, like countless other faithful in China, had already spent almost 25 years in hellish prisons and slave labor camps.

He had been arrested no fewer than five times.

It is unknown if Bishop Su is still alive or if he has been killed during his incarceration.

It is almost certain that he remained faithful to Christ and to the Church.

And it is time to release him!

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