Franciscan Father Jose Perez, Cristero Martyr June 2, 1928

It was during the time of the  Cristeros (soldiers of Christ)  and the civil revolt against the Mexican Government, which was enforcing the anti clerical articles of the Constitution, was being pushed by Plutarco Elias Calles, the President.

These articles dated from the year 1917. They sought to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church through persecution and execution.

Franciscan Father Jose Perez, on his way home from saying Mass, was stopped by Federal soldiers, who roped the priest and tied him to one of their horses. It was in June of 1928.

“We have a bull to sell” taunted one of the soldiers.

Forced to go barefoot, Father Perez was dragged on the stone path all the way to Torimaro where he and other Catholic prisoners were exhibited in the public square.

Days later, on June 2, 1928, Mexican Federal soldier, Colonel Severiano ordered the execution of the Friar.

At 5 in the morning Father Jose Perez was shot under a mesquite.28168214_216777958870496_2945954130059707021_n.jpg


From the collection of Theresa Marie Moreau:  Socialism Kills