Pope Francis Doesn’t “Want To Create Another Mindszenty Case” Really?

images 4.jpgPope Paul VI shows Rome to a beleaguered Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, in 1971, upon his arrival in that city after fifteen years as a guest in the American Embassy in Budapest, Hungary, following his arrest and  torture of unspeakable dimensions, followed by a show trial and imprisonment. The red curtains of Communism had draped themselves throughout Europe, and now were blowing in the wind towards the Vatican … even within the eternal city  ……… 

Rich with a millenial history, the Catholic Church in Hungary links its origins to the very origins of the Magyar nation and people.  By the will of its first founder and organizer the King, Saint Stephen, who in the year 1000 had received the royal crown and function from Pope Sylvester.  The Primate Cardinal Mindszenty, was the first public dignitary of the country.

This special role of the Catholic Church in Hungary, just emerging from a victorious battle with the Nazi – Fascist government of Szalassi, set a background into which the Communists did not dare to unleash an immediate frontal attack in the 1940’s. Cardinal Mindszenty’s strong voice and his ability to nourish his flock with his words also held the ‘Hungarian Communist Party ‘ at bay.

But then it happened!

In January 1946 the Communists suddenly tore off their mask.  The first attack was launched against the Church.  False flags and propaganda flew!

On November 19 the secretary of the Primate, Zakar Andras, was seized on the street by the police.  On the same day the dwelling of the Primate was surrounded by a police cordon.

On November 23 the police prohibited the transfer of the remains of Bishop Apor Vilmos, killed by Russian soldiers in his residence in Gyor, from the crypt of the Church of the Carmelites to a tomb erected in the Cathedral.  Fearing a popular demonstration, the Government flooded the city with 200 police agents and called out the fire department to block the main thoroughfares.

On December 23, two priests of the Curia of Esztergom were taken into custody, Rev. Boka Imre, an economist, and the Rev. Fabian Janos, an archivist. Silent Church  Gussoni/Brunel

On the evening of December 26, 1948, Cardinal Mindszenty was arrested.  He was taken to 60 Andrassy St.60-andrassy-avenue-an.jpg

60 Andrassy today.  A museum called ‘The House of terror,’  its cellar, where the tortures and butcheries were carried out still has “the smell of something” which can’t be eliminated.  The ‘hanging posts’ still stand in the gloom.  Looking up towards the extended roof, one can see the word ‘terror’ written backwards.

Cardinal Mindszenty was locked in the cellar cells.  After almost 40 days of submission to a combined drug and psychic “treatment,” he was transformed into a “wax puppet”  download.jpgCardinal Mindszenty at his show trial.

No one has ever known with certainty just what drugs, tortures and abominations were used to reduce Cardinal Mindszenty to this condition.  There exist ample documented proofs that “something” of a terrible, inhuman and shameful nature had happened to him.

The Hungarian Communist Government presented a confession written by the Cardinal in his own handwriting, which was shaky.  It contained 64 errors in spelling which were inconceivable for a man of precision and accuracy.

The Government had no witnesses.  It produced a pipe, supposedly taken from the residence of the Cardinal, which contained incriminating documents.  However, they became the accusers of themselves … because …

A few hours  before his arrest the Cardinal had written a letter which was sent to all the hierarchy in Hungary.  One to each.  Clearly written words about an hour before his arrest say:

“Since I have not taken part in any plot whatsoever, I will never resign.  I will not talk.  If, after this, you should learn that I have admitted this or that, that I have resigned my office (even if this be authenticated with my signature) you must know that such a declaration can only be the consequence of human frailty … In the same manner do I declare null and void any confession which may be attributed to me as of today and thereafter …”  The Church of Silence  Gussoni/Brunello

Cardinal Mindszenty received a life sentence.  During the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 he was freed and became a guest of the American Embassy in Budapest, Hungary.  He languished there another fifteen years during which he was not allowed to speak with anyone in Hungary.  The Embassy was guarded to prevent his being kidnapped.  Books tell of how uplifting was the knowledge to the Hungarian people of his very presence in the Country.  For this reason the Communists wanted him out.

Of great note for our linking matters here, it must be told that there was communication between the American Government, and, the Hungarian Government and … sorrowfully … the Vatican  due to his presence and its’ effect on the Hungarian people who loved him so.  He was a stalwart reminder of the Catholic Church.

But, someone loved Communism more than they loved the Roman Catholic Church! Was it the Pope who condoned the Treaty of Metz which was abided by at Vatican II?  The treaty in which the Catholic Church agreed not to mention Communism if the Russians could attend?

Here is more light on the question of Pope Paul VI and whether he approved of Communism:

  1. In preparation for a visit to the United States of Pope Paul VI in 1964 there was to be a meeting between President Johnson and the Pope.  One of the talking points was “that it really is time for the Cardinal to be removed from our Legation in Budapest. ” Only the Pope can do it  and even he will have trouble.”  October 3, 1965 Washington D.C. 11AM       Office of the Historian: Foreign Relations of the United Staates 1964-1968, Volume XII, Western Europe  302  Memorandum From the Presidents special Assistant for National Security Affairs (Bundy) to President Johnson   https://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1964-68v12/d302April 21,
  2. 1971 Peter Janos, Hungarian Foreign Minister visited Pope Paul VI for 45 minutes.  They spoke in French re:  Church State Relations in Hungary.  The Pope told his Secretary, Cardinal Casaroli (communist) that ” he was satisfied with the meeting and Peter was cordial.”  Peter:  wants “Holy See to impose on Mindszenty absolute silence should he ever leave Hungary”  LOT Files  https://history.state.gov/historicaldocument/frus1949v08/d57
  3. SUBJECT:  CARDINAL MINDSZENTY                                                                                         Cardinal Casaroli in a press conference about a solution to this problem:   “Pope is anxious for a solution to this problem.”  Cardinal Casaroli was unwilling to reveal his details about June 6 meeting with Paul VI other than “Pope not overly optimistic about dislodging Mindszenty but willing to give it a try.” Historical Documents as above pdf.  page 66

I leave it to you, the reader, to guess what is going on.  Pope Paul VI, by some kind of a ruse, had Cardinal Mindszenty removed from the Embassy for a trip to Rome.  They embraced.  They had dinner.  They said Mass together.

While the Pope ‘entertained’ the battle weary, but not beaten Cardinal Mindszenty, the reign of Janos Kador, the Communist, began to take giant strides in Hungary.

Cardinal Mindszenty was never to see his people again or to set foot on the soil of his beloved homeland.  His betrayal was imminent. Pope Paul VI tried to strip him of his title as Primate of Hungary and exiled him.  Cardinal Mindszenty however refused to give up his title of Primate of Hungary.  This fact always had intense meaning for the Hungarian people.

Cardinal Mindszenty is Incorrupt!

It is confident that he is in his heavenly home.  He died in 1975 and was buried in a Marian Cemetery in Hungary.  In 1991 his body was interred and found incorrupt.mindszenty.jpg

This picture of the incorrupt body of Jozsef Mindszenty is from the official website of the cause for his sainthood.  It is on a letter addressed to Andrew Rebel.

Dear Mr. Rebel,                                                                                                                                         Yes this is the photo of the body of Cardinal Mindszensy.  He was disinterred in 1991 and it was incorrupt.  Signed  Briggita Nagy, Assistant                                                                            Further information can be obtained from the website of Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi Texas, U.S.A   Bishop Rene Gracida  https://abyssusabyssum.wordpress.com

A word about Cardinal Zen.  We pray that he does not have to go through the same horrendous suffering.  Were the words of Francis a shaded threat on the part of Pope Francis … that he did not want to “create a Mindszenty case over ” Cardinal Zen.  With the tendency of the Holy Father to be lenient … approving … of Communism, we fear for the good Chinese Cardinal.  Would Francis do that?

We love you, Cardinal Zen.   You talk just like Cardinal Mindszenty did.  I have some of his homilies and indeed the language is strikingly similar.

Pray for us, Most Holy Cardinal Jozsef  Mindszenty …




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  1. Margaret

    Don’t forget His Beatitude Joseph Cardinal Slipyj! He was in the gulags for 18 years.

    When he found out under what circumstances he was released, he wanted to go back to the gulag.

    One of the terms of the 1962 Vatican-Moscow agreement was that no Catholic cleric would condemn Communism. Well, His Beatitude ignored that, much to the chagrin of Pope Paul VI and the Vatican. He was a thorn in the side of the Vatican which favored Ostpolitik.

    His Beatitude went to his eternal reward September 7, 1984. Eternal memory!

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