Father Sabas Reyes Salazar: Killed During Lent 1927 By Mexican Socialist Government Soldiers

From The Collection:  Socialism Kills  by  Theresa Marie Moreau

“They left me here and here I will wait.  Let’s see what God determines” said Father Reyes Salazar after his worried parishoners begged him to hide from the Federal soldiers who were looking for a priest in his town of Tatlotlan.

During Lent 1927, soldiers entered his church, brought in their horses, destroyed the sanctuary, and, tied the priest to a column.

They interrogated him and tortured him for three days during which they gave him no food, nor water.

They burned his hands, knowing they were consecrated.

Soldiers wanted to know where the other priests were hiding.  He said nothing.

OnApril 13, 1927, Holy Wednesday, also known as Spy Wednesday, Father Sabas Reyes Salazar was dragged to the parish cememtery’s enclosure..

Facing his executioners, before he was killed, he shouted: “Viva Cristo Rey!”27545303_214594712422154_4554917872757749753_n.jpg