Spies In The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia aka ROCOR Moscow Patriarchate Founded by Stalin in 1943

The Purpose of the Moscow Patriarchate is espionage, subversion and disinformation        B Author David Stewartson

Americans of Russian Descent Worried

“Former KGB Lt. Col. Konstantin Preobrazhensky, who defected to the U.S. in 1993, is the author of two books:  KGB/FSB’s New Trojan Horse:  Americans of Russian Descent and Russian Americans:  A New KGB Asset. 

 In his books he describes the grave concerns being felt by many Americans of Russian descent about the fact that, on May 17, 2007, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, (ROCOR), signed an Act of Canonical Community with the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.


ROCOR was originally established by White Russians who fled the Bolshevik Revolution and settled in America.  These new concerns are founded on the known history of the Moscow Patriarchate, that it was founded by Stalin in 1943 for the specific purpose of espionage, disinformation and subversion.  All its appointees were selected by the KGB, many were card carrying members of the Communist Party, and not a few had a dual role as ‘Bishops’ and ‘priests’ and uniformed officers of the KGB, in whose wardrobes hung both cassocks and uniforms.

What was worn on any given day was decided by which of their two roles they had to play.


All bishops, and most priests were KGB agents and collaborators.  The bishops were formally part of the nomenclature of the CKKPSS;  (the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and therefore had to be approved by the ideological Department.  The ‘ecclesiastical merits’ of a candidate didn’t interest the Ideological Department;  on the contrary they were hostile to such qualifications. The fewer the merits, the better the candidate.  Registration as a bishop in the Council of Religious Affairs was granted after an ‘interview’ (?interrogation) with its chairman, Vladimir Kuroyedov, a KGB Lt. General.


Bishop Nikodim of the Moscow Patriarchate, who represented the Russian Orthodox Church, in other words, the KGB,  in the signing of the infamous METZ agreement .  The other signer was Cardinal Eugene Tisserant, who traveled from Rome to Metz to attend the meeting and siggning.  This treaty was an agreement by which Catholic Church promised not to make any statement critical of the Soviet Union or Communism during Vatican II) .

The collaboration of the Moscow Patriarchate with the FSB, (that is, as an organ of the KGB/FSB, is not a thing of the past.  According to Preobrazhensky, the author of the book cited in paragraph 1, it continues to this day, and on a larger scale then ever before.

In Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation, the FSB superseded the KGB, (same beast with a different name), and is more powerful than ever before.  There is seemingly nowhere its tentacles cannot reach.  Priests of the Moscow Patriarchate are now placed in countries around the world, especially in Arab,  (ie: Muslim countries where such Priests’ make up the entire clergy.)  This in no way perturbs the authorities in these countries, since they know that they are not there to spread Christianity, but to fight against the hated West.

The Church of The Holy Trinity ?  In North Korea?  Approved by Kim Jong Il?

As a result of Putin’s‘friendship’ with the late North Korean despot Kim Jong-Il, in 2006 a Russian Orthodox Church dedicated outwardly to the Holy Trinity, was opened in Pyongyang in deeply communist North Korea.  Here, an expression of religion, or even the suspicion of it, is a crime of crimes, punishable by imprisonment and torture.  Yet Kim Jong-Il was more than happy to set these considerations aside for his good friend and ally, Vladimir Putin.  The building of the’church’ was largely financed by Russian money, but Kim Jong-II happily chipped in $1,0000,000 from the coffers of his ravaged, impoverished country.


In 2014 at least (and possible even now), there were North Korean ‘students’ studying at the Moscow Theological Academy.  If they were really genuine and active Christian believers, they certainly would not have been granted exit visas so that they could go abroad and tell the world the awful truth about life in North Korea and the diabolical character of the regime currently in power there.  They would be wasting away and being tortured daily in some inhumane North Korean prison.  The only plausible explanation for their being permitted to ‘study’ in Moscow at the ‘Theological Academy’ is that they have been specially selected and sent there by the Ministry of State Security.

Whatever they are studying, theology it ain’t!  May we suppose that it was Kim Jong-Ill’s intention, and now that of his evil successor, Kim Jong-Un, to emulate Josef Stalin in building an ‘Orthodox Church’ in the image of the Moscow Patriarchate as an organ of state security.  If this is so, it was all made possible by VLADIMIR PUTIN’S FSB, successor of the KGB.

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