Enacting The Original Schemas of Vatican II Would Have Steered The Catholic Ship of State From Disaster

Lenin said: “He who controls China controls the world.” These documents, if implemented, would have saved the world … at least for a time until a Pope consecrates Russia Properly. It’s not so hard!!

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Prior to Vatican II, a whole slew of “schemas,” or documents, were drawn up by a worldwide commission of theological experts.  Fully orthodox, these schemas were intended to guide the conciliar discussions and, if all went well, be approved as the official VII documents with only minor changes.  They were completely, totally orthodox.  They spoke with great clarity and the conviction of Truth.  And they were killed off, one by one, by the progressive elements at the Council which, with the sure support of both pontiffs who oversaw VII, managed to utterly dominate the Council.

These documents were naturally written in Latin. Latin was for at least 1600 years the universal language of the Church (Greek being used in some parts in the early Church).  So, they have been impenetrable to most of us who do not have a command of that language, which is a sad thing, because it…

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