Where is Chinese Catholic Bishop Su?

Bishop Zhimin “James” Su has not been seen since 1997 when he was abducted by Chinese Secret Police

Bishop Su was hunted down, and, disappeared forever in 1997

Bishop Su, like other faithful Catholics, was considered counter revolutionary, an enemy of the atheistic state.


Because he always refused the demands of the revolutionary communist regime to join the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, the always schismatic Catholic Church, led by the communist regime … always separate from Rome.

In 1994 when he was 60 years old, bishop Su, like countless other faithful in China, had already spent almost 25 years in hellish prisons and slave labor camps.

He had been arrested no fewer than five times.

It is unknown if Bishop Su is still alive or if he has been killed during his incarceration.

It is almost certain that he remained faithful to Christ and to the Church.

And it is time to release him!

Viva Criso Rey!28277421_220133705201588_3151894874244624307_n.jpg






Catholic Bishop Murdered Because He Did Not Join The Chinese Communist Church

DW5TggMV4AAxLyn.jpgThe family of Bishop Xueyan “Peter Joseph” Fan, the Bishop of Baoding, found his body, in a plastic bag, dumped in the gutter in front of their home in April 1992.

His emaciated body, with bones poking through his flesh, revealed visible signs of extreme torture.

His legs were tied together with a white cloth, very tight and difficult to undo.

From the marks on his legs it appeared that the Communists had broken both.  Each had a blackened color that appeared discolored from heat and pressure.

His head was swollen from injuries on his cheek and forehead.

What had Bishop Fan done?

Chinese Communist officials had ordered that he renounce the Pope.

Our Lady of America: When will A few American Bishops Put Her Image in The Basillica in Washington, D.C. ?

Our Lady wants we the people to pray. Why can’t we have her in our Basillica?  What is the reason, dear Bishops of America?  Her messages are approved! by Archbishop Paul Liebold.  She wishes her statue to be placed in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.  Perhaps the reason she is not there is because for the past more than twenty years, Shrine has been administered by ex-Cardinal Theodoe McCarrick, followed by Cardinal Donald Wuerl.

Cardinal Burke had her statue brought to a USCCB meeting in Washington, and explained to the Bishops what Our Lady wanted.  Her statue was brought by the Fire Department from the meeting to the Basillica, and, processed in and out.  Father Angelo Mary Geiger, F.I. arraged this, and, spoke about her in the Basilicca.   

“I desire, through my children in America, to further the cause of faith and purity among peoples and nations. I will teach them to become pure like to my heart …..”

What would America be like today had she heeded the words of Our Lady who appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil)  She promised the gift of purity.  She promised greater wonders than those of Lourdes and Fatima.

Canonical Approval:  Archbishop Leibold , Cincinnati Ohio,approved the apparition in a letter dated May 31, 2007.  He gave his Imprimatur to the revelations from the  Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of ‘Our Lady of America’

And we missed out!  The statue is not enshrined yet in the Basilica where her beautiful presence would  be a constant reminder of her promises to America for the people who stream by and stop to say a prayer at her shrine in the Basilica.

Sister was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. on August 2, 1916.  In 1929 she entered the Sisters of the Precious Blood in Rome City, Indiana.  In 1959 she became a contemplative of the Indwelling Trinity in Fostoria, Ohio.  In 1938 she began to have mystical experiences during which Our Lady appeared to her with messages for her children in America.

She revealed to Sister the image as pictured, and, messages that continued until she died in her convent on January 10, 2000.  She was 83.  Our Lady asked that her statue be made according to the likeness she gave to Sister, and, that it be then solemnly carried in procession, in the Basilica of the National shrine of the Immaculate conception in Washington, D.C. and enshrined there.

Our Lady wished to be honored there in a special way as “Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin”

She promised that the placement of her statue in the National shrine would be a safeguard for our country, and the placement of her image or statue in the home would be a safeguard for the family. 

In 1959 the Basilica of the national Shrine of the Immaculate Conception was dedicated in Washington, and the Bishops of the United States consecrated the country to the Immaculate Conception

On November 11, 2006 the United States Bishops re-consecrated the country to her.

Two days later on November 13, 2006 Archbishop Raymond Burke requested that the statue be displayed at the Bishops conference and on November 15, 2006 Archbishop Burke blessed the statue.

The blessing occurred precisely on the 50th anniversary of the request that Our Lady of America had made on November 15, 1956, in which she asked to be placed in and honored in the National Shrine.

Archbishop Richard Garcia of California had said:  “To have the enthronement of Our Lady of America statue is a timely testimony to us all of the blessing Our Lady is for all of us who live in the United States of America.  Our Lady guides and protects us in this critical time of our history when we need to value even more closely what she as a Mother has taught us:  to hold Christ in the center of our lives and to value the family and its unity, and, to do the will of the Father and to evangelize by pointing others to Christ.

Later Bishop Garcia said:  “Our Lady of Guadalupe is important for all the Americas but to have Our Lady of America and the Immaculate Conception as a special patroness for our nation will bring about the peace we so yearn for and will be a resolution to many social issues, including euthanasia and abortion.

Marian devotions, including those to Our Lady of America, can also lead the faithful to really listen to Christ’s message that all must be bearers of the Gospel and bring about Christ’s love.”

Our Lady promised that greater miracles than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima would be granted here in the United States, if the people responded to her requests.

Let us pray that the U.S. Bishops honor Our Lady of America’s request soon and place her statue in the National Shrine as a safeguard for our country.

From:  Dan Lynch Apostolates   http://jkmi.wsiefusion.net/the-image-and-statue 



Franciscan Father Jose Perez, Cristero Martyr June 2, 1928

It was during the time of the  Cristeros (soldiers of Christ)  and the civil revolt against the Mexican Government, which was enforcing the anti clerical articles of the Constitution, was being pushed by Plutarco Elias Calles, the President.

These articles dated from the year 1917. They sought to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church through persecution and execution.

Franciscan Father Jose Perez, on his way home from saying Mass, was stopped by Federal soldiers, who roped the priest and tied him to one of their horses. It was in June of 1928.

“We have a bull to sell” taunted one of the soldiers.

Forced to go barefoot, Father Perez was dragged on the stone path all the way to Torimaro where he and other Catholic prisoners were exhibited in the public square.

Days later, on June 2, 1928, Mexican Federal soldier, Colonel Severiano ordered the execution of the Friar.

At 5 in the morning Father Jose Perez was shot under a mesquite.28168214_216777958870496_2945954130059707021_n.jpg


From the collection of Theresa Marie Moreau:  Socialism Kills



Blood Drenched Altars: A Catholic Commentary (Excerpt from The Book)

This tragedy, involving the Mexican Government and the Cristeros, has been played on many stages.  By a multitude of different backgrounds.  In all the languages of men.  By a host of understudies whose souls were in tune with hers.

Christopher Hollis, in his ‘Thomas More’, has unveiled one of these tragedies for the understanding of men and women of the English tradition.

Speaking of the effects of More’s execution on the English nation he wrote:  They killed holiness.

Before that collosal fact …that they killed holiness … all the excuses and the explanations fade into nothingness.images 9.jpg

They Killed Holiness!!!

It is the mark of a Christian Saint that he possesses the imagination that jumps back across a thousand or two thousand years of history.  His whole life is lived under an excitement similar to that of the first disciples when they first heard the amazing news that the Tomb was empty.  To him that news is so amazing that he never forgets to be surprised at it.  He never comes to take it for granted that Christ died for him.

The news is so important that it is mere madness to give one’s mind to any other business and thus neglect it.  Such a man was Thomas More – a man of the world, a lawyer, and a statesman, but one to whom law and statesmanship were important only in so far as they could be used to further the purposes of Christ.

There was not room in England for such a man and the Tudor state.  No one can write about Mexico without writing the tragedies of many Mores.

If there was no room in the Tudor estate for even one Thomas More, there is no room in the Calles state for the many of Mexico.  If there is no room for them, there is no room for the Church.

She is always in the wings.  Another arm may lower the curtain but, since history repeats itself, her arm will raise it again.  For the Church can never go out of Mexico any more than a mother can go out of the life of her child.

A struggle against religion is a struggle against the incomprehensible and unreachable.  It is a struggle against the spirit in its most intimate and profound form and it is now proved that in this struggle the arms of the State, even the strongest, do not succeed in inflicting mortal blows on the Church which comes out triumphantly from the hardest of tests.

adoring_angels.jpg    The state cannot be victorious against the incomprehsible and unreachable.

The state can be victorious only in conflict with another State.  It can then conclude its victory by pressing a change of regime, for instance, a territorial cession or the disarming of any army, or other earthly things. The state can not be victorious against the incomprehensible and unreachable.

drawn from ‘Blood drenched Altars’  A History of Catholicism in Mexico by Reverend Francis Kelly

Father Andres Sola y Molist Cristero Martyr

From The Collection   Socialism Kills   by  Theresa Marie Moreau

“My Jesus!  My Jesus!  For You I die!” repeated Father Andres Sola Molist as he faced his executioners, the theophobic Mexican government soldiers on April 25, 1927.

Arrested for refusing to submit to government control, and while imprisoned and tortured, he confirmed his priestly ministry which led to his death by gunshot.

Viva Cristo Rey!


‘El Catore’ The Brave Outlaw Cristero

From the collection   Socialism Kills   by Theresa Marie Moreau

Victoriano Ramirez Lopez, renowned as ‘El Catore’ after he killed 14 Federal soldiers during a shoot out was a very flawed man, a thief, a drunk, and a womanizer.  He had many bastards, but somehow, he ended up on the right side of the Cristero War, when the Mexican Government persecuted Catholics.

An outlaw, the only reason he was recruited into the Regiment of Jalpa de Canovas, was because he was fearless and insanely brave.  El Catores fellow Christero, Lt. Teniente Eugilio Gonzalez later told this to his grandson, Bob Parr.

El Catore joined because he had no one.

He had nothing to lose.

No one liked him.

No one ever liked him, but he ended up fighting for a holy cause, a fight for the faithful.

Because the regiment relied heavily on El Catores outlaw skills for special missions, Lt. Gonzalez, an honourable man, often argued with his fellow Cristero, trying to convince him to put down the bottle, to sober up, and to stay away from women.

And, as far as his death, legend has it that someone on the Cristero side ordered a hit on El Catore, a complex man in a complex world.

And so it was.  His executionwas fulfilled on March 17, 1929.

The life of El Catore proves that each person has a part in God’s perfect plan no matter how imperfect the person.27657792_213747192506906_1979945965187155317_n.jpg

Qerim Sadika: Member of The Laity Shot In Communist Albania For His Catholicity Left A Widow, and Little Children

From the Collection   ‘Socialism Kills’   By Theresa Marie Moreau

“Forgive those who have done harm to me.  Forgive those who have condemned me to death, and, those who will shoot me”  were the last words of Qerim Sadika, before he was executed at 5 AM.

He had been arrested three months earlier, he had endured horrendous torture, and was given the death sentence on February 22, 1946, because of his Catholic faith, in Communist Albania.

A member of the laity, he left  behind his widow and infant son, Gasper, whom he had never met or held, born three months after his execution.








General Enrique Gorostieta Velarde: Shot June 2, 1929

From the Collection  Socialism Kills  by Theresa Marie Moreau   4 photos Julias Gutierrez

General Enrique Gorostieta Velarde had been a life long anti cleric- until the Mexican Government persecuted the Catholic Church and outlawed the Sacraments.

Recruited to lead the Cristeros, soldiers of Christ, during the Cristero war (1926-1929) he led his men in the civil revolt that resulted from the anti-Catholic policies pushed under President Plutarco Elias Calles, who enforced the anti clerical articles of the Mexican constitution of 1917 which sought to eliminate the power of the Catholic Church.

Through his leadership, he changed the ragtag armies into a united force, which he headed, until his death, on June 2, 1929.  He was shot by a Federal soldier.

Viva Cristo Rey!27867201_214270272454598_3856467672304405298_n.jpg27750274_214270239121268_3060363974501560900_n.jpg27973143_214270225787936_6712688464442257977_n.jpg