A Star That Fell to Earth: Martin Luther: He is The Fallen Star of the Apocalypse

Douay Rheims:   Haydock Commentary  

“I saw a star fall from heaven upon the earth, and there was given to him the key of the bottomless pit.”  Revelation  Chapter XI V.1

Haydock Commentary                                                                                                                  “This again may be to represent the confusion of all things in antichrist’s time, or it may signify the fall and apostasy of great and learned men from the Christian faith.  Boussuet applies it to the fall of Theodotus, of Byzantium, towards the end of the second age:  but certainly no great stress can be laid on such arbitrary applications, which it is no hard matter to invent, as may be seen by the different fancies we may meet with about the locusts, and etc (Witham)

Here is a description of the rise and progress of the reformation.  This trumpet begins with announcing to us the fall of a star from heaven;  a very just emblem of the apostacy of Luther, who in quality of a priest and religious man is styled a star, but renouncing the faith and vows, may truly be said to have fallen from heaven upon the earth  (Pastonini,)  To him (ie: to the Angel, not to the fallen star) was given the key of the bottomless pit, which properly signifies hell.   (Witham

Verse 2  “And the smoke …etc.”  Luther and his followers propagated and defended their new doctrines with such heat and violence, as to occasion everywhere sedtions and insurrectiions, which they seemed to glory in

Luther openly boasted of it.  “You complain” said he, “that by our gospel the world is become more tumultuous;  I answer, God be thanked for it.  These things I would have so to be, and woe to me if such things were not.”

The sun was darkened.  The light of faith, which is the word of God, may well be represented by the sun, according to that of the Psalm cxviii105.  “Thy word, O Lord, is a lamp to my feet and a light to my paths.  “And as the air is the spring of man’s respiration and life, it may be a just type of morality, which gives spiritual life and worth to all human actions.  By the sun, therefore, and air being darkened. we are to understand faith and morality obscured and perverted by the novel doctrines of the reformers.  (Pastorini)                                                                                     Haydock Commenary by Renton405                                                    https://forums.catholic.com/the-fallen-star-from-heaven-martin-luther/78108


Luther’s Statue Enthroned at the Vatican  http://www.traditioninaction.org/RevolutionPhotos?A700-Luther.htm

On October 13, 2016, Pope Francis did not offer one single word in public to honor Our Lady of Fatima.

Instead he chose to receive 1,000 Lutherans in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican.

For the event he ordered that a statue of Martin Luther be erected on the stage in a place of preeminence so that it could preside over the meeting.


Next he received from the Lutherans a bound copy of the 95 theseses with which the heresiarch started his revolt.

During the meeting he wore two scarves on his neck, one yellow symbolizing the papacy, and one light blue, representing Lutheranism.  The two were tied together to signify the union between the Conciliar Church and the Lutherans.
download 2.jpg         Roman Catholics stand shocked and dismayed at this treachery of our ‘sweet Christ’ who occupies the throne of the Pope of Rome!  We must hold tightly to the truth that is in our Sacraments, our Mass of the Ages, our Rosaries and our Sacrifices.  We must read our Bibles …. although tears dim the words on the pages …

An Arch Heretic is presented to us to venerate.  The Pope venerates his statue! Our Church is being shattered!

Someday God will tell us the answer to these questions:

Who is Pope Francis and how dare he ask us to venerate a statue of Martin Luther?

  Is Martin Luther ‘The Destroyer’ as described by St. Francis of Assissi?download 4.jpg

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