Pope Francis Proclaims That The Liturgical Reforms are “Irreversible”

Cardinal Bergoglio enjoying himself at the new protestantized liturgy which he maintains will replace the true Mass which was torn apart at Vatican II, causing untold suffering to Catholics all over the world.

This Council mauled over the work of God, dissecting and replacing it until it was acceptable to those who had ‘protested’ against Catholicism.

Pope Francis and Cardinal Kasper!   As you are busy Destroying the faith, and,  Rocking the world as you pull the rug of pure truth out from under it … Be advised that You won’t succeed!

“Speaking to participants at the 68th Italian National Liturgical Week in Rome, Pope Francis said that after the “long journey” of Vatican IIs  liturgical reforms beginning five decades ago “we can state with confidence and magesterial authority that the liturgical reform is irreversible.”  (Life Site)

The Pope speaks with magesterial authority.  Does he?   He holds the throne of Peter captive and wraps his sentences of untruths in’ unskilled words. ‘ He wears the clothes of the Pope.  He looks to the world like a Pope.  Perhaps he is the Pope.

But we have another who wears the clothes of a Pope.  Herein lies the mystery of mysteries of history!  A planet shaker!

The prophecy of two Popes is here upon us.

We gaze, perplexed, as Cardinal Bergoglio  twits about the altar with Pinocchio!  Come to think of it … maybe the comical lying puppet is a perfect match for him.

Of course I’ll pray for you, Your Holiness … just as little St. Jacinta asked us to do.  “Pray much for the Holy Father”

Pope Bergoglio has forgotten some of his theology.  The devil plays for keeps!



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