Is the Catholic Church “Eclipsed” as Our Lady of LaSalette Prophecied?

“Tell my people” said the beautiful Lady clothed in light … “The Church will be eclipsed.  Rome will lose the faith…”  Our Lady of LaSalette wept bitterly as she delivered her message to Melanie and Maximin.  “I could see her tears” said Melanie.


The Catholic Church has Four Marks by Which She is Distinguished from Any Other Society on Earth.  They are gone.  M. Ernest Naville in his thesis taken from the Council of Trent in 1839 Explains the marks.  The bold print comments are mine.

She is One – Holy – Catholic – Apostolic

“The Church is One:  She is held together by submission to the same head, in the unvarying confession of one and the same faith, in obedience to the same code of morale, participation in the same sacraments, celebration of the same worship.  She is therefore One in fact as well as in theory, nor has difference of time nor separation of places ever been able to produce the variation of a single iota or a single point in the revealed dogma or law.  Unceasingly assailed by new errors, this Church, always and everywhere explains and develops her earlier definitions without even the shadow of a change appearing.   She has declared a hundred times that she can introduce no innovations;  and that deprived of the power to originate anything in matters of revelation, she has only the right of verifying the divine doctrine in Scripture and tradition. She ascends down from the present Pope through the Priests and Hierarchy to Jesus Christ.”  She alone  is the only one who can trace her pedigree from the beginning.

Her Unity (ONE) Was Fractured by Collegiality:    She is no longer One

The introduction of ‘Collegiality’ by Vatican II,  wherein the Bishops share with the Pope in decision making has shattered the ‘oneness’ of the Church.  When Pope Benedict ordered the Church to change back the words of the consecration of the wine from “for all” to “for many” he was opposed by Bishops from the German Congress. That is only one example.  Every day we see the ‘oneness’ of the Church being torn asunder!  We see before our very eyes … every day … the work of God – the ‘one’ –  being ripped in two by Her own.

“The Church is Holy:  She is Holy in her Founder. Jesus Christ.   She recognizes no other founder than He,  ‘The Holy of the Holies;  She is holy in her doctrine and in her precepts.  She is holy in the means of sanctification with which she supplies her children.  The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ is celebrated and His Sacraments dispensed.  The ministry of public prayer and preaching is exercised.  The evangelical counsels and the most sublime self devotion are practiced in their fullest extent.

Her clergy are kept in the observance of a solemn vow which gives to thousands of pastors their parish as their only family and the Church as their only wife.  Her worship is surrounded with pomp. Catholic festivals are are especially sanctified by the humble confession of sins and by partaking of Divine Food … the source of all beauty, all purity, all perfection in Christian society.  It never ceases to bring forth Bishops like Charles Borromeo and Alphonsus Ligouri, priests such as St. Vincent de Paul, Francis Xavier, and Claver ,,, virgins such as Theresa and Catherine of Sienna.  Accordingly the Roman Church has need of a permanent tribunal before which the right of the Saints to the veneration of the faithful and the authenticity of miracles performed through their intercession are discussed with a severity which has been considered excessive even by Protestant critics.”

Her Hoiness is Obscured by Scandalous Behaviour:  Her Holiness is is less bright … it is waning …

Her Holiness is obscured and darkened by scandal.  The Holiness of ‘the office of devils advocate’, a priest presenting arguments as to why a person should not be proclaimed a Saint  is gone.  Religious life has been diminished and the vows of poverty and chastity are never mentioned.  The sight of a priest in a cassock has become a rarity and a blessing to those of us who happen to see one of these brave Fathers.  The sight of a nun in a habit, which used to create a sense of religious awe in the beholder is gone from our eyes.   Even the Pope makes degrading remarks about it …. “rigid” … “hardheads” … “you don’t have to procreate like rabbits” … you don’t kneel at the Consecration.  That is not ‘Holiness’  from our Holy Father.

The Church is Catholic (universal):  She can trace her lineage throughout the world down through the Apostles to Jesus Christ … down even to the birth of the human race.  She is Catholic in extent, exceeding both in numbers and in widespread diffusion not merely one sect taken by itself, but all sects combined.  She has representatives throughout the world wherever there are Catholics … actually wherever there are men. Twenty years after the ascension of our Saviour, the great Apostle wrote to the Christians in Rome: “Your faith is spoken of in the whole world.  From her very birth the Church was spread through the Roman Empire, and at the end of the first century she had passed beyond these limits;  since that time she has never ceased to gain ground on the barbarians calling to the vineyard of her Master … some at the first hour, others at the third, others still later, but calling all at the hour fixed by the Lord.  She is accustomed to gain a country still new when others had revolted from her authority.  She is always seeing the marvelous fecundity of her youth reproducing itself in some part of the world.

Her Catholicity is Obscured by Changes:  The Church in One Country is Different Than the Church in Another Country

‘Catholicity’ is lessening  through the world. Media driven  scoffing at her titles and her pomp and her child like faith …  is pushing her to the edge of the cliff.  Her children are being deceived by false leaders. Churches are being closed … Catholics are leaving in droves.  Shadows are falling on ‘Catholicism’.  But we have the promise of God about the “gates of hell” not “prevailing” and that will be kept. Changes! Changes! More Changes!  The Catholic Church in one country can no longer be compared to the Catholic Church in another country of the world because Her liturgy is not the same all over the world anymore.


The Church is Apostolic: ” She professes the doctrine of the Apostles whose creed is recited every day by all her children.  She exercises the authority of the Apostles which has been transmitted to her from hand to hand by a lawful mission which was blessed and sanctified in her earliest days by the Sacrament of Ordination.  Thus each one of her pastors can exhibit, in due and good form, his title forever.  Each Bishop can prove his canonical institution received from the successor Peter, who was established by Jesus Christ Himself, as the foundation of the whole Church and the shepherd of the whole flock.  There is not a break in those glorious genealogies which Episcopal See, and all the rest, the See of Peter, can show alike to friends and foes.  It is the Apostolic ministry which is perpetrated under the offic of the chief of the Apostles, which the perpetual presence and assistance of Him, who promised to continue with His own even to the consummation of the world.

What more could be desired?  That this Church should be less persecuted, more widely extended, more fruitful in heroes, more frequently illustrated by miracles?  This would be to demand that the sun should be warmer and brighter.

Her Apostolic Nature is Puzzling to the World As We Have ‘Two Popes’

Thus, even before we have been able to verify the claims of the Catholic Society by the test of scripture and Tradition, it appears before us as the one true Church of God.  When she says to us “believe in me” conscience feels constrained to obey, under pain of resisting the infallible authority of God … exercision itself upon us through the ministry of the Church.  The Apostlicity of the Church has come under a storm cloud as a lightning bolt has hit St. Peter’s Basillica bringing storms in the Vatican.

Today we have two Popes.  The perfect Apostolic mind storm for Catholics !  All Four Marks of the Church are being obscured.  Our Lady of LaSalette help us!




From Thesis of:

M Ernest Naville   Geneva  1839

Taken from The Council of Trent