Wellsprings of Salvation From The Catholic Rock – An Inspiration for Sunday

“You shall draw water joyfully from the wellsprings of salvation, the graces that flow freely into the world.” Haurietis Aquas Pope Pius XII encyclical.

Ask God for the grace to get through the darkness of this world and your heart will be lightened.  Ask with confidence.  Talk to Jesus.  That is a prayer, too.  Carry a Rosary with you … even if you don’t pray on it yet.  Something good will happen.

  The Sacred Heart of Jesus loves it when you have confidence in Him and asks for something. He says that the more “you honor Me the more I will bless yo.” Personally I have found this to be true through favors granted by the wearing of my Sacred Heart badge, and my statue of Him in a place of honor.

Graces will splash the world with refreshing joy… even laughter, of which there isn’t much these days, when you hide in the clefts of the rock and feel the refreshing coolness and inhale the fresh air of Gods presence.  

Jesus Himself comes into our being when the priest places the host lightly upon our tongue. He is there in the hand too when the Priest hands it to you. This is a source of contention in our Church today but God will fix it up.  He loves Consecrated Hands only to hold him.  The peoples’ hands are not consecrated (set aside as holy things) God gave the Priests consecrated hands for this reason and they are not being used … we will wait in the rock!

The Catholic Church is the Most Powerful Force of the Supernatural in the world.

We venerate Saints.  In our day, I believe Padre Pio was the greatest Saint.  He performed astounding miracles.  People sat in the Church all night, if they had to, in order to go to confession to him.  He knew your sins before you opened your mouth sometimes.  

We love and venerate our sacramentals.  That is medals and scapulars and the like.  Read on this website of the wonders of the Miraculous Medal.  Amazing! It was called the medal of grace when first introduced by St. Catherine Laboure.  The people changed the name because there were so many miracles from it.


These are Sacred Heart badges made by people for themselves during and after the French Revolution.  Jesus loves it if you wear His ‘livery’ and belong to Him.image4.JPG

The Catholic Church is the Ship of Finery!  They are stripping away at her beautiful bright ornamentation.

They will not succeed.  The ‘Rock’ will never be moved.  She will rise like the phoenix and her glory will shine forth for the world

They are stealing the prayers from the people … those prayers which stirred the heart by filling it with bright truth from the mouths of holy priests.  They have been replaced with bland and dry words.

We will hide in the clefts of the rock, and wait clinging!  We will have each other to converse with about holy things.  That is a ‘something’  ….  

Someday soon we will ride on the Ship of Finery again.unnamed 5.jpg

This is my Sacred Heart Statue.  I love it.  

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