Lipa Apparitions: Pius XII Denies It Was His Signature On Letter of Disapproval

The Vatican has overturned the approval of Arch Bishop Ramon Arguelles for the apparitions of Our Lady at Lipa in the Philippines.

“I prayed at Lipa as a seminarian and young priest, wrote ArchBishop Arguelles.  I   Spent solitude time there, even as a Bishop.  I pray in Carmel.  It’s part of my life.  And I am thinking I became Archbishop of this place for a reason. Naturally we will abide strictly to the Vatican’s recent declaration on the apparitions.” writes ArchBishop Arguelles.

The decision to overturn the Bishops approval was based on a”1951 letter of Pope Pius XII citing disapproval” some 60 years ago.

Pope Pius XII denied that he signed this letter:

June Keithley is a prominent broadcast journalist and television personality in the Philippines.   In 1988 the Republic of the Philippines awarded her the Medal of Honor.  On page 92 of her book,, ‘Lipa” Father Riccardo Lombardi, S.J. founder of the Better World Movement, recalled an audience he had had with Pius XII.  He showed the letter to the Holy Father and “the Holy Father looked at the letter and exclaimed,   “But that is not my signature!”

It is deep.  Storm clouds  hang over the Philippines, the gateway to the East, They can be brightened considerably by devotion and prayer to Mary under the title “Mediatrix of All Grace.”  The message of Lipa is for the whole world for we are all under those same dark clouds.

Let us look at the situation.

“Confuscius wrote:  “Just as there are two suns in the sky, so there can be only one emperor on earth.”

The Chinese plan for conquering and ruling the world is well documented and is reflected in the geopolitical developments that have taken place since the Communist revolution of 1949.

On July 18, China’s Naval Chief Wu Shengli told the visiting U.S. Chief of naval operations that Beijing would not halt its controversial campaign to turn the contested South China reefs into artificial islands complete with military ready airstrips.

China “will never give up halfway” on its island building efforts” said Wu according to Chinese state media.  Also on Monday, the Chinese Air Force announced that it had sent bombers on “normal battle patrols over Scarborough shoal” a reef which was seized from Manila in 2012.

Analysts worry that China could next build on Scarborough Shoal.  This would place a militarized Chinese island off the Philippine coast.

In 1947, Yang Huairen, a Chinese geographer, helped etch the U shaped 11 dash line on Chinese maps to demarcate roughly 90% of the South China Sea for his homeland. “All of these lines have a scientific basis” says Yang.




Is this information from Mary about China not reason For The World to Be Made Aware of Our Lady’s Requests at Lipa?  Just wondering ! Our Lady asks for prayers for China and there are good reasons as the Catholics in China have suffered violence for their Religion.  The conversion of China from atheistic Communism is paramount to obtain.  Mary can obtain this conversion with the graces she receives from God and which flow from Her Immaculate hands to the people of China.  She only asks for a title to be given her by Her Sons Church.  Is that so much?

 The Church says that we can still be devoted to Mary Mediatrix of All Grace.  Why don’t they want to declare it as Dogma?  



Rose Petals Which Fell from the sky in showers.  Some were plain, and, some had heavenly images so defined and so clearly drawn on a thin curly rose petal that it is difficult to disbelieve.  Who could draw fine detailed pictures on a rose petal?  What would they use that would not destroy the structure of the petal?  My God!  My God!  Thank you for these aids to our Faith!

download 3.jpg


        Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace, Pray for the World …                                                                                                       images 7.jpg



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