Lipa Apparition: A Japanese Soldier: Rose Petals Falling From Heaven

The F1 Vatican has thrown apparitions under the bus … as it did to with Fatima and Lipa where Mary asked for her title of Mediatrix.  Here she said:  “I am Mary, Mediatrix of all Grace.”

In 2016 the Vatican overturned the approval of ArchBishop Ramon Arguelles for the apparitions of Our Lady at Lipa in the Philippines. Another insult to Our Lady!

What follows is a surprising turn of events in the story of the ping pong game that has been being played between the Vatican and the Bishops of Lipa. Especially in view of the supernatural happenings there viewed by thousands of people, and, the utter holiness of the Carmelite nuns involved as they obeyed the imposition of “silence” for years … some for 40 years … Just like Sister Lucy.  Is this treatment not psychologically cruel?

First a short history of Lipa during WWII focusing on the sad plight of one Japanese soldier who came to his senses about the tortures these men inflicted upon the innocent citizens of this once peaceful island land, and wondered why!

During World War II The Japanese had invaded the Philippines and established it as a district headquarters where supplies were stocked and prisoners held.  Those who could fled to Manila or to the countryside.  Others were not as fortunate.  Sixteen thousand men, women and children were herded into a diocesan seminary that had been converted into a prison and were bayoneted to death, their bodies and building burned in a huge ghastly holocaust.

Japanese soldier Jintaro Ishida knows.  He is 79, and, served in the navy during the war.  He is tortured by these war scenes, as he himself had taken part in them.  Now he is asking why.  Why were we soldiers so cruel?

Why did 400 people become thrown to their deaths in a deep well in the Philippine village of Lipa? Stacked upon each other after being shot.  The living and the dead.  How could  someone smash a rock onto the head of a woman who was combing her hair? Mr. Ishida has made it his life’s work to find out why the soldiers were so cruel  He interviewed some. Some were ashamed. Silent. Hiding the horror in their heart.  Some would not talk to him.

Then he wrote his books.  New York Times 3/20/2018  Japanese Veteran Writes of Brutal Philippine War

Then Mary came to console her grieving children in the Philippines in 1948.

We know she has warned in 1917 the world at Fatima  “if people do not cease offending God, a worse war will break out during the reign of Pius XI.

And the people of the world did not stop sinning.

And so the worse war broken out, during the reign of “Pius XI”, shattering the lives of the Philippinos … and others …  such as those poor wretched souls at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  And Mary had said the name “Pius XI” at Fatima before he had even become Pope.  A prophesy come true ignored by Rome!

So Mama Mary came …  to a Carmelite  convent …  built from rocks left from bombings  The site of the massacre became the site of the Carmelite convent, where supernatural events were to happen which would capture the attention of the nation and the world.

Teresita Castillo entered that convent because she simply loved God and Mama Mary. images 9.jpg She loved music and played the piano. She was so psychologically tortured by clergy over the apparitions that she eventually … later in life … left her vocation. They even put her in a hospital where she was interrogated mercilessly. She was the seer who received the messages and saw Mama Mary.   She died November 16, 2016. She told the secret from Our Lady. “China will invade the Philippines ………..”

Shortly after entering the convent at Lipa, Teresing, as she was called, began to have visions.  Messages from heaven with powerful and copious proofs from the “Beautiful Lady” who, in the end, identified herself as “Mary Mediatrix of All Grace” Books have been written about the showers and showers of rose petals which fell from the sky at Lipa.  Some petals had images depicted upon them.  They fell directly down, even if the wind was blowing.  Whenever there was a shower about to happen, the fragrance of roses wafted heavily over the crowds of people.  Botanists who examined the roses have said they are native to Russia.  A link to Fatima!  Mary gives these links but who listens?

images 12.jpgdownload 8.jpgimages 15.jpg

Thousands began to flock to the apparitions.  Monsignor Alfredo Verzosa, Bishop of Lipa, was not pleased and ordered the Carmelite sisters to withdraw the statue of Our Lady from public veneration.

Following are several accounts of how Monsignor Verzosa changed his mind:

Monsignors Simeon Racelis and Gregorio Salvatus, who had both heard of this from Bishop Obviar, who rarely commented on Lipa.  Bishop Godolfredo Pedeernal, related the account from Romy Malabanan, who has passed away.

“When Bishop Verzosa heard about this, and, the many people coming to it, he wanted to stop it” Monsignor Simeon Racelis

Verzosa is a man who would not believe so easily”Monsignor Gregorio Salvatus

“Monsignor, how about coming to the monastery and visit us?”  The Nuns asked

The Bishop said, “To visit you?  No, I will go there not to visit you but to see to it that my orders are going to be fulfilled.”Father Senen Encarnacion  

On the afternoon of November 19, he hastened to Lipa in anger, determined to chastise his auxiliary Bishop and to put an end to the entire affair.

“And when he reached that place, a shower of petals fell on him and he knelt down and he could not utter a word.”  Monsignor Gregorio Salvatus  

I saw Monsignor Verzosa standing with two Carmelite nuns kneeling in front of him surrounded by petals.  His feet were surrounded by petals.”  Attorney Antonio Manguiat

He picked up something from the floor.  A Petal of a flower.  There were many  Almost one plate full.”  Father Senen Encarnacion

He started looking around, trying to find where the petal came from … That was the only time I witnessed the showers.  Father Juan Coronel   

According to Romy, the old man knelt down, then he prayed.  And then the sisters came out to talk to him …”  Bishop Godofredo Pedernal

“He was found speechless.”  Attorney Antonio Manguiat

“He was astounded.”   Father Juan Coronel

After that, he did not prohibit the people from going to there,  and he did not prohibit the celebration of Mass.   Monsignor Simeon Racelis

We sent some of these petals to Rome.  He had written a letter to the Pope as a private gift, telling the Pope of the events here.  Personal, not official.  Father Juan Coronel.

Much later, on December 6, 1948, an official accounting of the apparitions at the vine … the place where Our Lady first appeared … would be published with Verzosa’s imprimatur.

Nonetheless, with this imprimatured account, a committee of Church hierarchy in the Philippines declared on April 11, 1951: “there was no supernatural intervention in the reported extraordinary happenings.  The statement also contained the phrase: “until decision on the matter will come from the Holy See”

(Sister Teresita was placed in an institution and vigorously questioned. She was often brought to tears.  The nuns at the convent were ordered to burn the rose petals and the messages.  They were ordered never to speak of the apparitions … not even to each other.  Sister Teresita left the order in 1951 … I cannot locate the source for this although I have read it)  Other sources given 

Years later, some Bishops involved in the disapproval of the case allegedly came forward with deathbed confessions, saying they only ruled against the apparitions on threat of excommunication.

A document from the 1950’s that would further clarify matters is still being kept secret in the archives of the Vatican.

On Nov. 12, 2015,  ArchBishop Arguelles on the 61st anniversary of the apparitions felt so strongly about the devotion that he officially lifted the 1951 ban on public veneration of the image and placed a statue of the Mediatrix of All Grace in parishes throughout the country and he publicly professed his personal devotion and belief in the apparition on numerous occasions.  He formed a new commission to re-examine the apparitiion and related phenomena.

Again the Vatican shut it down.

This decision was based on a “1951 letter of Pope Pius XII citing disapproval”

However, Pope Pius XII had denied that he signed that letter.  

In a thoroughly researched book by June Keithley,  a prominent broadcast journalist in the Philippines, ‘Lipa’, on page 92 she writes of a visit between Pope Pius XII and Father Ricardo Lombardi, S.J.., founder of ‘The Better World Movement” who showed the letter to Pope Pius XII, who exclaimed:  “That is not my signature”

In an unprecedented move in this case, the Lipa apparitions are not considered supernatural, but local devotion is still allowed.

“I believe it to be the singular case in history where you have a negative judgment, but the devotion is allowed.”  MichaelO’Neil Catholic miracle researcher and author who runs the website

Could it possibly be the case that the Church does not want to establish Mary Mediatrix of All Grace as dogma … in deference to the new opening of windows at Vatican II to the Protestants and to the Communists who were mingled in? Yes! In the discussions about this during the VII session about Mary it was decided not to offend our “protestant brethren” …..

Mama Mary help us!

All Accounts From:                                                                                                                                   Lipa                                                                                                                                                            June Keithley      Book Available from Amazon   

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