Lipa City Apparitions of Mary Mediatrix Of All Grace and PPXII

Much dissention has surrounded the apparitions of Our Lady to Teresita Castello a Carmelite Nun.  The latest approval by Bishop Ramon Arguelles that the apparitions were “worthy of belief” (September 2015) has been overturned by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith signed by Cardinal Gerhard Muller and Archbishop Luis Ladaria.

Their decision was based on a letter written by Pope Pius XII in 1951 that the apparitions lacked supernatural character. This letter is highly questionable as coming from Pius XII.

The book ‘Lipa’ by June Keithley, a prominent broadcast journalist and television personality … states that when Pius XII saw this letter he said: “that is not my signature”

Notwithstanding any of the other twists and turns of this story and the persecution of the nuns by various priests and a papal nuncio, … I offer you the following pictures of one of the phenomenons of Lipa.

Rose Petals Fell from the Sky in “showers”.  Many of them had holy images on them.

The Crucifixiondownload 8.jpg

download 13.jpg      They came by the thousands and saw the showers


images 15.jpgThe Last Supper


download 6.jpg   The Pieta

Many of the Rose Petals had to be burned by the Sisters along with important documents and the diary of Sister Teresing Castillo.  Sister was forcibly imprisoned in another convent from which she suffered great pains and her tears fell every day. There was nothing wrong with her.   She subsequently left the order of Carmel under heavy persecution.   A ‘Silence’ was imposed on the convent.   They were told to never discuss things about the apparition even among themselves.  

Hmm Sister Lucy of Fatima also had a ‘silence’ imposed on her …

The book, ‘Lipa’ by June Keitbley can be obtained from Amazon. It is thoroughly documented with copious footnotes and includes the results of diligent research in the Vatican archives.

images 11.jpg



It seems that Our Lady would like to have the title ‘Mary Mediatrix of All Grace’ DEFINED … What is holding Rome back?  Pope Francis himself venerated the statue.



images 14.jpg


download.jpg          Sister Teresing

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  1. Lipa is in the Phillipines. This city underwent unknown horror during WWII … Japanese soldiers killed citizens wantonly for nothing … History of WWII depicts a holocaust in Lipa …


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