“Consecration of Russia Not Done” Chief Exorcist of Vatican – Fr. Gabriel Amorth

“The Consecration of Russia done in 1984 by John Paul II was not a proper Consecration.  I was there, kneeling a couple of meters ahead of the Holy Father.”

“On the day of the Consecration, March 25, 1984, in Rome, the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima (the main one, the statue that is never moved from the Fatima Sanctuary) was flown over from Portugal and was venerated in Saint Peter’s Square.  I was appointed that day to organize Saint Peter’s Square.  There were so many pilgrims, so many people that day, that they entirely filled Saint Peter’s square and the roads around it.imgres 4.jpgMost of them were unable to see the Pope. ”

The Pope wanted to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  There seemed to be a conversation with his entourage.

“No, Holy Father, if you do this you’ll offend the Patriarch of Moscow”  “No, Holy Father, if you do this … you’ll go against the Soviets.”

“After several attempts to change his advisors’ minds, the Pope finally went along with them.  He did not name Russia during the consecration. But he did do a service to Our Lady of Fatima.

He made it known very plainly and quite publicly that he was not performing the consecration requested by Our Lady of Fatima.

On that morning of March 25, 1984, well after that part of the Act of Consecration at which the Holy Father had pronounced the consecration of the world to the Blessed Virgin – seven paragraphs later, to be precise – he unexpectedly broke away from the prepared text.  After the words “Mother of the Church”  … he added the following words:

‘Enlighten especially the peoples of which you await our consecration and confiding”

The text of the consecration prayer had been prepared many months before this ceremony.  It was sent to all the Bishops in a letter of December 8, 1983, and published in the Vatican Newspaper –  L’Osservatore Romano, on February 17, 1984.

That was the only change he made to the ceremony, and his words clearly indicate that he knows that the Consecration of Russia asked for by Our Lady of Fatima was not accomplished on that day.”

Hours later, the Pope acknowledged in a public prayer to Our Lady of Fatima that the Consecration which She had asked for is yet to be done.  In this prayer, he drew attention once again to this certain group of people that had a special need of being consecrated – a group of peoples, he said:

“For whom You Yourself await our Act of Consecration and of entrustment.”

Father Gabriel Amorth was the most well known exorcist in the world  He died on September 16, 2006.  After being ordained a Priest in 1954 he worked under Father Camanto Amandine, former Chief Exorcist of Rome, whom he succeeded.  In 1990 he founded the International Association of Exorcists of which he was President until 2000.

Some of his famous statements include his convictions that senior officials in the Nazi party were actively involved in satanism, a claim that has been demonstrated to be true by histoorical research.imgres 2.jpgHe claimed that both Hitler and Stalin were possessed.  In an interview with Life Site News in 2015, he condemned the martyrdom of Christians in the middle East while pointing towards Our Lady for helpsearch.jpg


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