The Vision of the Lamb and the Mass in the Apocalypse

The Little Lamb seen by John the Apostle is the only One in Creation who is “worthy” to open the seal in the Chapter about the Seven Seals.

The Lamb in the vision has been deemed to be a symbol of the Eucharistic Christ … Truly present in this Sacrament as Jesus with His Body, Blood, Soul, and, Divinity.

The Lamb, as a figure of Jesus, is Worthy!

Father Bernard Kraner:  The Book of Destiny

3bceb1cbbe833826391ad25d561e4e91.jpg“In this chapter, the Sacrifice of the Mass is depicted in a symbolic vision.  Because Christ offered Himself in a bloody manner on the Cross as a complete satisfaction to God for all the sins of men, the sacrifice of the Eucharist and the Real Presence are possible today.

Then unbloody Sacrifice of the Cross,  as confected by a true priest, during the True Mass,  brings us all the graces that poured out from God at the moment of His death on Calvary.

Through this mystic Sacrifice He exercises the power merited in the bloody sacrifice to destroy the empire of satan.

The spiritual empire of Christ is much more sublime than any earthly spiritual order because it rules the souls of men. Its power is in the spiritual order and its jurisdiction pervades the whole temporal order of the world.

The ‘prespyteroi (priests)  in the vision proclaim the Eucharistic Lamb worthy to take the scroll and break its seals for having ordained and elevated them to His priesthood, conferring on them a power more intensive and extensive than that of any worldly officials and enabling them to participate in His sovereignity over the world, who himself is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

All creation joins in worshipping the Lamb because he will be the redemption of all.

In the vision, the Four Living Beings pronounce the “AMEN”.  Some commentators hold that the Eucharistic Sacrifice had always ended with the “Amen” at Ephesus and elsewhere in Asia Minor.

Before the Sacrifice is performed, the Priest sings the praises of God and Christ and joins his canticle with the choirs of angels in language very similar to that spoken by the eldein the vision of John.

All creatures, except the reprobates, join with the Priesthood of the Church in giving the Eucharistic Lamb the adoration due Him.”

The Little Lamb, Christ, is about to break the seals as seen by St. John the Apostle, wrapt in the Spirit on the Lords’ Day.  The vision grows larger …




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  1. If the True Sacrifice of the Mass is removed from the world … a thick darkness will envelop the universe … as it did in the days of Noah.


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