The Club of Rome is a Branch of the New Age Movement Leading to the Coming Age of Barbarism

The Club of Rome is a global think tank. The ten regions in this illustration  are their plan for the world. The thinkers in the think tank have established these ten regions with the UN  It’s a done deal on paper and the red dragon of communism and other such … is devouring not just the Papacy, but world leaders.  The Papacy is the most important, however,  as it is an island of morality in a swampland. The ‘Novus Ordo’ (New Order) of the world will be without morality. The Papacy is now obviously affected in the person of Pope Francis.  Amorality seeps into the Vatican …

The ‘Novus Ordo’ is also the name given to the new Catholic Mass at Vatican II, which Mass strips the idea of Sacrifice, as Martin Luther himself wanted!  Is there any connection between the Vatican and the shakers and movers of the ‘New World Order’? The Novus Ordo Mass has weakened the grace which once illumined the world!  Barbarism in the form of Mohammedanism and Communism snap at our heels and infiltrate our minds with little threads of darkness.  God is our only answer!

Are we living though the time of ‘the abomination of desolation’  ?   

It is best to know!   Plan!  Pray … Many spiritual qestions are answered @   Prophecy was given to the world in 1917 at Fatima.  Very real.2010682.jpg

“The ten kingdoms are “economic – political regions”  They have divided the world into “manageable blocks” which they call kingdoms. “As the ten kingdoms come together even more in preparation for the WORLD RULER, we will see the regionalizing of money, then a globalization of monetary  exchange or the “cashless society” (Gary Kah’s En Route to Global Occupatien.)”

“The beast of the Apocalypse is a man  …  he will have ten kingdoms or powers serving under his supreme dominion” Fr. Bernard Kramer Book of Destiny  

”  The apocalyptic Beast unites in his person all qualities of the other beasts.  It has the ten horns … ten kingdoms or powers serving under its supreme dominion, subjecting through military resources all nations save ONE” Book of Destiny

Who Belongs to The New World Order AKA The Club of Rome?   Bill Gates;  David Rockefeller;  Ted Turner;  Oprah Winfrey;  Warren Buffet;  GEORGE SOROS;  Michael Bloomberg;  George Bush;  Al Gore and many other ‘stars’nasco01_04.gif

2 thoughts on “The Club of Rome is a Branch of the New Age Movement Leading to the Coming Age of Barbarism

  1. mrscongeniality

    I was very upset when our previously subtle Vatican II oriented priest gave a homily all about “welcoming refugees” last month. It turned out to be a good thing, because now we are transferring our membership to a church that offers the Traditional Latin Mass, the only one in the area that does so. At this point as a Catholic, I don’t feel like I can compromise anymore or appease those who are allowing this abomination of liberation theology into the church.


  2. marysong

    I’m glad you found the Latin Mass. Really glad for you and your family ! The reverence and the beautiful prayers support the faith. Kneeling for Communion, and, not being forced to take it into your hand will be such a relief for you. And you can wear your veil without fear of comments from people or even priest.

    I cannot take Communion in the hand. I never could. Old. God Bless you !


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