Place in the History of Salvation of the False Prophet: His Character

From the Book of Destiny  From The Apocalypse as explained by Rev. Herman Bernard Kramer

“In the vision of the Seer, St. John the Apostle on the island of Patmos, now appears a second beast rising out of the earth, having two horns like a lamb but speaking like a dragon. This beast is the prophet of Antichrist. In other places he is called the “False Prophet”.  The word ‘beast’ is the word chosen by St. John for what he sees in his vision.

Antichrist will have a forerunner or prophet, who will prepare the way for him. It will undoubtedly be someone who has done great work of evil in the world so as to be especially fitted for the position.

Many may have developed so evil a character as to be fit for such a job, but this one who will be the False Prophet, may be at the head of a strong world power.  Choosing him will be the work of Antichrist himself after he has made his own pact with Satan. Antichrist will be a man. He will choose his false prophet after he has become possessed by the devil.

This prophet may re-establish the pagan Roman Empire and build the “Great Harlot” Babylon. He comes out of the earth, which is the term for the Gentile nations from which he springs.

In the vision of St. John,  he has two horns; He may have two world powers subject to himself, but the added phrase in the verse, two horns like a lamb seems to intimate that he is an apostate bishop or cardinal, or he resembles one.

The Church, after having fled from Rome after the murder of the Pope (?who) leaves the Papal chair vacant.  We don’t know but we have an inkling that we are in this time. We are grateful for the words of the Apocalypse.

This false prophet possibly at the behest of Antichrist usurps the papal supremacy and proposes himself as emperor of Rome. His assumed spiritual authority and supremacy over the Church would make him resemble the Bishop of Rome and his temporal regency over the re-established empire would make him emperor of Rome. He would be Pontifex Maximus, a title of pagan Roman emperors, having supreme spiritual and temporal authority. Assuming authority without possessing it makes him the False Prophet. Does this allude to what our Lord said?

Though he poses as a lamb, a Christian, his doctrines betray him for he preaches the doctrines of the dragon.  

His preaching may be Communism or idolatrous paganism; it will comprise emperor worship and devil worship coupled with persecution of true believers. They will know him at once as an imposter and will not be misled.

He will be in league with the antichristian world powers and adopt their principles of government and civil law. As spiritual head of the empire, he may declare it treason or against the state to accept Christianity or the moral law of God.

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